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Happy MLK Day!


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Merry Christmas!

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The End…

I am kind sad to inform anyone who still reads this blog that I will no longer be posting because I am not playing WoW anymore. I have quit completely for many reasons, probably for similar reasons as many other ex-WoW players. I am now waiting for another MMO to come out called Age Of Conan. So far it looks 10 times better than WoW (exaggeration). Once it comes out I will be playing it as much as possible. The good news is that I will be starting another blog for that game soon. I will post the link later. Thanks to everyone of my regular readers and commenter’s. Cya soon…

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I haven’t posted in a while huh?

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Smiley Testing

Ok just testing out some things…

Pretty cool

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Testing BlogJet

I have installed an interesting application – BlogJet. It’s a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get your copy here:

“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” — Albert Einstein

Yea ok so im gonna try and see how this blog program works out.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Ok people, so I hit level 62 yesterday. Which is great I guess. I got ganked about 15 times between 61 and 62 but whatever. The only problem I have with my rogue right now is his gear. I have gotten only one piece of loot from an instance. Technically. I haven’t gotten some pretty good gear from instance quests, but I have only actually gotten a drop once.  Which sucks cause there are some nice drops in Ramparts and Blood Furnace. Too bad for me they either never drop or someone else wins the roll. I mean come on. It sucks so bad I swear to see some rogue that already has a blue from the instance roll on  the other blue that drops that he doesn’t have. Its like come on dont be greedy. This is the reason why I never instance with other rogues. Cause they always take the loot I want. I dont want any competition. Call me selfish but I hate rolling 100s on greens that I dont even care about and then loosing on that nice blue that I have been looking for. It is crazy. And on my server it can take an hour to form a group for anything sometimes cause the population is so low, especially on the alliance side. There are three times as many horde players as alliance on Darrowmere. That part I dont care as much about cause that just means more to kill. I get ganked every once in a while but thats the price to pay for a PVP server/realm. But anyways the alliance population is so low so it is hard to find a group for anything that I want to do. Thats why im gonna switch servers when I hit 70. I was browsing the realm stats yesterday on and I saw a realm that sounded good to me. These were the things I was looking for: More horde than alliance so I would always be able to find horde to kill.  Pacific Time cause I live in California. High amount of people some of the time so I can find groups. And finally high overall server population. The server I found that I liked was Spinebreaker. It looked good to me. I am gonna stay on my server till 70 cause I want the ride to 70 to be smooth. When the server population is high there tends to be a lot of ganking, which I dont want to be a part of until 70 really. Then I will probably join some casual arena team and PVP till i stop playing WoW lol. Or until some other PVP thing comes out…

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BC is great

Ok sorry I haven’t had the chance to post much. Finals are next week so no WoW untill after those. I did manage to squeeze in some play time last weeked and earlier tonight. Let me just start off by saying that the expansion is quite possibly one of the best expansions that I have ever bought. It is practically a whole new game. So many things have changed, and there is so much more to do now. It is crazy I swear. I just hit level 61 tonight, and even though that is only one level I can already tell that there are great things to expect on the way to 70 and in the end game. I replaced 80% of my gear within one level. My gear sucked but that is still crazy. I came into outlands with 3000 health and 35 dps swords. I hit 61 with over 4500 health and two 44 dps daggers that I now use for mutilate. I love mutilate. I think it a great attack if you have the gear for it. If i had better weapons coming into the BC, my mutilate damage would be crazy. Right now its just decent. It is definately more fun to play a dagger build than a sword mainly cause I do not just spam SS anymore. And the stuff I do in PVE grinding is the same stuff I do for PVP with mutilate. So I can transition from PVE to PVP pretty easily. Which is good cause there are 3 times as many horde on my server as alliance, so I need to be on edge at all times. Ill continue more on the glory of the BC later. I gotta study and sleep lol….

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Happy MLK Day!

By the way I hit 60 last night. Ill talk more later.

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